Our guarantees

When you hire our team to refurbish your original sash windows or fit vacuum double glazing, like FINEO Glass, to your sashes, we want to ensure you have complete peace of mind that you will receive the best service and enjoy your renovated windows worry-free for many years to come.

Our guarantees come from years of experience, testing and questioning every material and process we use.

We started offering guarantees when we saw how our refurbished windows performed after ten years of completion, and all issues had been studied and fixed.

Summary of cover

8 Years of paintwork guarantee

One of the key offerings that set us apart from the competition is our 8 years guarantee on paintwork. In our work, we strive to achieve a longer maintenance cycle for all the period windows we refurbish.

For our clients, an 8-year guarantee means no more windows re-painting every 3 years.

15 Years FINEO glass guarantee

The FINEO glass we use in double-glazing retrofitting projects is covered by a manufacturer guarantee for 15 years.

If vacuum-sealed glazing units fail, the replacement will be produced free of charge.

20 years guarantee on all timber frame repairs

We only use Tricoya and Accoya timber when refurbishing original window frames.

The outstanding rot resistance of this timber which on its own is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee, allows us to offer an exceptional guarantee on all parts of the window that our team replace and laminates.

Terms and conditions

The list of exclusions we do not cover includes the following:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accident, misuse or neglect
  • Using incorrect cleaning products such as bleach and solvents or using high pressure or steam cleaners
  • The failure of foundations/structures causes subsidence and soil shrinkage.
  • Small imperfections that are not visible when viewed from one metre

Transferring a guarantee to a new owner

The guarantee is non-transferrable if a house is sold unless to a family member of the current house owner.