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Home Improvements

Next generation vacuum glazing for periodic timber windows

Retrofitting double glazing to wooden sash windows
Home Improvements

Next generation vacuum glazing for periodic timber windows

Retrofitting double glazing to wooden sash windows

FINEO ultra-thin double glazing

For all retrofitted glazing, we use Fineo.

Scott James provides expert solutions to the modern challenge of installing double-glazing to heritage windows. Most likely, your wooden windows were skilfully crafted specifically to accommodate single pane glass. Fitting new double-glazing to traditional and feature wooden windows requires advanced modern materials and experienced craftsmanship. With the many benefits to be enjoyed from upgraded glazing, we are pleased that our specialist team are able to provide high-class re-glazing solutions.

With skilled professionals and technological advancements, the mismatch between the original design and modern materials can be harmoniously aligned.

Fineo ultra-slim double-glazing is a next-generation development in the glazing industry. Some of the exceptional qualities of Fineo double-glazing include:

  • Impressive thermal properties – comparable to triple-glazing
  • Vacuum-insulated for longer life and enhanced properties
  • Great light transmission – maximising the solar gains
  • 8x more efficient than single glazing
  • 50% lighter than triple glazing
  • Noise-reducing
  • Lead-free and 100% recyclable
  • And only 6.7mm thick – opening up enormous restoration potential!

These are some of the reasons why we use Fineo for any glass retrofitting and renovation projects. As well as having award-winning sustainability credentials, Fineo is guaranteed for 15 years and provides clear quality to our restorations.

The vacuum-insulated manufacturing provides longer life and improved thermal properties (the more commonly used inert gases are much more prone to leaking and failing). Lightweight and incredibly thin and durable, Fineo is a great option for retrofitting into existing wooden windows. 

We professionally repair and modify existing windows to house the new Fineo glazing, without any adverse effects on the important aesthetic requirements of your property. The 6.7mm width – compared to 36mm triple glazing – means we can work with existing window profiles and features.

“It has better thermal properties than triple-glazing and at half the weight, it’s tough, long-lasting, and it’s even thinner than some of the older single glazing we’ve replaced – a really impressive product from Fineo.”


Where extra security is desirable, Fineo also offers an even tougher safety range. 

To fit Fineo ultra-slim double-glazing, our team of specialists can modify existing window rebates, preserving traditional stylings and enhancing your windows and home.

Fitted in conjunction with our cost-effective draught-proofing, you can embrace the outside views in remarkable comfort.

Sash Windows Repair

Restoring rather than replacing wooden windows is often a cost-effective and sustainable way to retain your property’s architectural personality.


By carefully overhauling your sash windows and renewing, upgrading or adding high-quality draught-proofing, we can make large improvements to your window operation and thermal efficiency. Draught-proofing will reduce external noise, resolve rattles and prove a highly cost-effective way to enhance your home space.


Thorough surface preparation and masking is first completed. A smooth, durable paint finish is then applied, layer-by-layer, by our expert team of sprayers.

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