Frequently asked questions


Can you install double glazing into the existing frames?

Yes, we can reglaze your existing single-glazed windows with thin-profile double glazing.

Can leaded windows be double-glazed?

Our team can replace leaded windows; you can read more about double glazing leaded windows here.

Can you fit double glazing into casement windows?

Yes, we replace all types of wooden windows, including casement, sash and sliding windows, as well as front doors, french doors and conservatories.

Can we buy FINEO Glass / LandVac from you?

We only offer the supply and installation of vacuum double glazing; we do not sell it.

Do you work with Grade 2 listed buildings in the conservation areas?

We work with all types of regulated properties, but for reglazing services, permission from local authorities will be required.

When you retrofit glass, do you take windows away?

Our team reglaze window onside. The sashes will be removed from the frames in the morning and reassembled before the end of the work day.

What is the lead time to get my windows reglazed with vacuum double glazing?

The glass manufacturing and delivery take approximately six weeks, and installation takes from 1-3 weeks, depending on the number of windows on your property.

My windows are rotten; can you still double-glaze them?

Our team offer full window frame refurbishment service together with reglazing, so the rotten frames are not a problem.

Can you double-glaze arched or oval windows?

For oval or arched windows, special shape double glazed units are available, so this type of window can also be reglazed.


Can I get an estimate to find a bulk cost figure?

If you are looking for an estimate, just send us photographs of your property, and we will give you a rough estimate. You can also check our pricing page.

Which UK regions do your service cover? 

All information about which regions our service covers you can find here.

Do you need scaffolding to be erected for your work?

In the majority of cases, our team do not need scaffolding.

Will you need to access windows from inside the property? 

Yes, during the restoration or reglazing work, we will need some access to windows from inside.

How much does your insurance cover?

Our Public liability insurance covers £5m.