Double glazing existing sash windows – Reglazing

Our sash window double glazing service has a number of benefits:

reglazing glass in windows
  • Reglazing existing frames
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce external noise
convert single glazed windows wooden windows to double-glazed

Can I convert single glazed windows wooden windows to double-glazed?

Yes, single-glazed wooden windows can be simply reglazed with double-glazed units.

Changing glass in period windows is a great way of bringing your home’s insulation into the 21st century without changing the classic look of your property at all.

Vacuum double glazing is only 7 mm, so with some work, it can be fitted into the rebate initially designed for 4-5 mm single glazing.

Why would you retrofit your original sashes?

The biggest reason that many people retrofit their original sash windows with double glazing is to preserve the look of their property.

Any modern equivalent is going to change the look of your home. UPVC glazed windows, even in a traditional style, greatly change the look of your property, and in many cases, they cannot be installed in listed properties anyway.

You are then left with secondary glazing. Secondary glazing doesn’t change the look of your property from the outside but does change the inside of your home. Suddenly opening your window is a two-step process, and you lose the space on your window sill too.

So, simply put, retrofitting sash windows with vacuum-sealed double glazing is the best way to go. It adds modern window technology to your home, saving you energy and money, but it doesn’t change the look of your windows from the outside or inside.

Your windows will look the same as they always have but have up-to-date glass and draught-proofing within. This is why most people are now retrofitting their windows in a period property.

Glazing that does not change the appearance of original sash windows

A sash window that has been retrofitted with double glazing will look exactly the same as it did before. Well, actually, in most cases, it will look even better.

You see, we offer wooden window restoration and retrofitting services. So, in most cases, we have to repair the windows before retrofitting can begin.

This means that the windows we commonly work on are a bit worse for wear when we arrive at the property.

Once we’re finished restoring the windows and adding the energy-efficient glazing, though, the sash windows look as they did when they were first installed into the building.

The property is transformed into the beautiful home it once was, but its thermal performance and thermal efficiency have been greatly improved.

There is some additional weight added when the new glass is added. However, we adjust the sash cords and weights accordingly.

So, the additional weight doesn’t affect how the windows operate, and you’ll likely find they operate better than they ever have before.

Retrofitting original sash windows with double-glazed units

By adding double glazing to your wooden sash windows, you can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your home while keeping the style of your home intact.

A lot of our customers have been told that they need to replace their original sash windows with modern uPVC glazing units because that is the only way of saving money on their energy bills.

But doing so changes the look of your property forever.

However, this isn’t the case. By retrofitting ultra-thin vacuum-sealed double glazing into your existing windows, your windows look and work the same.

But you can enjoy all the benefits of modern double glazing. In fact, the vacuum-sealed double glazing that we use in our sash window restoration projects is just as effective as triple-glazed uPVC units.

Visual proofs of thermal efficiency

Detailed thermal photographs displaying the reduction in heat loss.

VIG glazing is more efficient than standard triple glazing.

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