Sash windows double glazing Essex

Sash windows double glazing service in Essex: Our team can double-glaze your single-glazed windows.

  • Improve the energy efficiency and EPC rating of your wooden windows.
  • Save on energy bills.
  • There is no need to change the windows entirely; we fit new glazing into existing sashes.
  • Suitable for Grade 2 listed buildings.

Additional Sash windows weights & rebalancing

Once double-glazing units are integrated into existing, newly renovated windows, we can be completely confident that the additional weight of double-glazing will be comfortably supported.

From here, using purpose-built weights – or other balancing measures such as springs, depending on the era and style of your sash window – we correct for the additional weight to ensure perfect balance and smooth functioning. Typically, braided and pre-stretched high-grade nylon cords are used alongside smooth, long-life pulley wheels.

Every project we undertake includes our commitment to not just restore to ‘as was’ condition but to build on original quality and instate modern benefits.

Sash windows weights essex

Straightening sash windows frame

With the addition of glass comes the inevitable addition of weight. Scott James uses their specialist restoration knowledge to increase the structural properties of your restored windows.

For sash windows, in particular, it is essential to correct for any weight increase with not only structural enhancements but also mechanical alterations such as counter-weights and professional re-balancing.

Pulleys and cord or chain mechanisms are also upgraded and renovated as part of our comprehensive service. 

straightening sash windows frame

Summarising some of the benefits of double-glazing:

  • Enjoy greater home comforts with warmer winters and cooler summers
  • Preserve traditional quality and charm with additional modern benefits
  • Prolong the life of your windows and keep the elements at bay!
  • Extend the ‘comfort zones’ inside your home: reclaim your cosy space
  • Feel the benefits of premium Fineo ultra-slim, vacuum-sealed glazing
  • Reduce the ingress of unwanted external noises and particulates
  • Make financial savings with better thermal efficiency
  • Substantially increase the security and value of your property

Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

At Scott James, we offer a solution to the negative impacts of poor thermal efficiency in traditional wooden windows. Our skilled team can retrofit premium double-glazing to most older windows without compromising your property’s unique characteristics and aesthetic integrity.

Upgraded glazing not only improves insulation but also dramatically enhances your living conditions by reducing the need for winter heating and summer cooling. This ultimately saves you money for decades to come while eliminating internal condensation and damp buildup.

Our re-glazing service is an excellent and cost-effective option that contributes to the prolonged life of your wooden windows. In exceptional cases, we also install new single-glazed panes as part of a restoration project.

Contact our team today to discuss your bespoke priorities and needs for enhancing your home’s energy efficiency with retrofitted double glazing.

Doubelg glazing in essex Enhance Energy Efficiency

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