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Draught-proofing is the silent hero of the restored window world.

Windows, doors...
Home Improvements

Draught-proofing is the silent hero of the restored window world.

Windows, doors...

Sash Windows Draught-Proofing Essex

Improve energy efficiency

A high-quality restoration of your wooden windows requires that every aspect is professionally attended to. With expert efficiency, we maintain uncompromising attention to detail at all stages of the project – the benefits last for decades. 

Scott James is a diverse team of renovation specialists, delivering the most comprehensive window enhancement service possible. We work throughout all areas of Essex, covering the needs of our private and commercial customers. 

The provision and expert installation of premium draught-proofing form an integral part of how we preserve and revitalise existing character windows.

Effective and considerately installed draught-proofing allows you to truly feel the quality of the materials and craftsmanship in your newly restored windows.

Professional draught-proofing will:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Eliminate loud window rattle
  • Increase internal comfort zones
  • Reduce external noise and provide better internal acoustics
  • Enhance the smooth operation of your sash windows
  • Help keep dust, water and unwanted particulates out
  • Make your property cosier!

…all of which add to the tangible ‘feeling of quality’ – the increased comfort you feel from inside your property; the smooth paint finish; the satisfying, well balanced window operation; and the physical results of quality craftmanship. 

Draught-proofing, as part of the Scott James. restoration service will make your house feel even more like home. 

One of my favourite things about good renovating and draught-proofing is on the windy days: no rattles, no draughts, just peace – a lovely cosiness!”


Some common causes of draughts in sash windows :

Draughts located in and around your existing wooden windows can occur in several places for multiple reasons. 

Perished putties and sealants allow draughts to enter between glazing and timber, or between timber and outer structures (e.g. masonry). Worn, damaged or poorly fitting windows will be draughty at numerous points – particularly windows which are exposed to the elements. Rotten and damaged sills, broken or ill-fitting fixtures and compromised frames can all invite unwelcome draughts into your property.

Scott James can resolve these root-causes of draughts. Once any essential restorative improvements have been made, we then further enhance your windows by installing bespoke, up-rated draught-proofing to all key areas. 

For more information on the thermal, financial, acoustic and wide-ranging lifestyle benefits of draught-proofing, read on!

Thermal efficiency and financial benefits:

Draughts might be thought of as unwanted ventilation. 

As a highly cost-effective and energy-efficient investment, good ventilation is actually advantageous and plays a part of good household management. (The Latinate origin of the word ‘economy’ means ‘household management’!)

Ventilation provides useful airflow for thermal regulation. It allows for better control over humidity levels which can be essential in tackling issues such as damp and moulds. These are all too often causes of respiratory and immune system problems.

When the internal conditions of your property are easier to manage – combined with more functional, durable and expertly restored windows to keep the elements out and the comfort in – dramatic economic savings can be achieved.

The benefits of expert restoration and quality draught-proofing, and the savings to be had, are astonishing really…”


As specialists in all aspects of wooden sash window restoration, Scott James consider a successful renovation to extend far beyond the start-to-finish project. For us, the successful renovation includes the quality of your living conditions for years ahead – long after our experts have completed the finishing touches. Draught-proofing is a key element in achieving prolonged benefits.

Foremost, our bespoke and professional draught-proofing methods and high-grade materials ensure that:

  • Unwanted hot/cold air is kept out
  • Pleasant warm/cool air is kept in

This positively impacts on your heating/cooling expenses (savings will vary depending on your property, its thermal needs and heating/cooling systems installed).

For Scott James, the successful renovation includes the quality of your living conditions for years to come – long after our experts have completed the finishing touches. 

Our thorough approach to draught-proofing your feature windows means all gaps and interacting points of contact have high-grade, long-life draught exclusion ‘brushes’ discretely fitted. 

The draught-excluding fittings and materials we use are expertly rebated and hidden, guaranteeing that all architectural characteristics of your property are maintained. The unwanted ingress of external weather and particles such as dust are also further prevented. 

The strengthening and stabilising properties of the Accoya® used in our repairs, alongside structural improvements, expert rebalancing and functional wooden window repair allow our experts to install draught exclusion measures with precision. This greatly enhances air-tightness, removes unwanted ‘play’ and rattles, yet allows for smooth, low-friction, easy – and even enjoyable – operation (which allows easy means of additional, useful ventilation).

With inside comforts staying in, and outside discomforts kept out, our approach to draught-proofing further prolongs the resilience and longevity of your carefully restored windows. 

There is something genuinely satisfying about the smooth, well-balanced operation of a top-notch, fully restored and professionally serviced timber sash window!”

Simon G.

At all times, restorations by Scott James prioritise working with the needs of you and your property. Our draught-proofing methods have been developed to increase your home comforts without compromising on the important aesthetics, qualities, usability and liveability of your property.

Reduction of noise and discomfort:

Draught-proofing is the silent hero of the restored window world. External noise can be greatly reduced by correctly installed draught-proofing. Combined with high-quality double-glazing units, the cosy conditions inside your property can be enjoyed for decades. We can retrofit high-end double-glazed glass to the majority of period wooden windows. Click here for further information on our sash windows double glazing.

Draught-proofing is the silent hero of the restored window world.

Alongside the noise-cancelling properties, airborne particulates and the colder/wetter/windier elements of the British weather are all kept at bay “window”! A professional restoration ensures exceptional draught reductions with lasting economic and lifestyle benefits.

Too often, people can think that having heritage wooden windows means living with a few unavoidable discomforts: like the weather coming in through the gaps. It’s not true. Proper restoration will keep all bad weather at bay. At the bay window, you might say!! (laughing)


With our extensive experience in wooden window restoration, your property’s period charm and architectural character are preserved and accentuated. Covering the Essex area Scott James provide dedicated renovation solutions of uncompromising quality. Skilled craftsmanship ensures long-lasting improvements. Charming, bespoke and distinct quality are built-in to your property. 

We welcome private and commercial enquiries. Contact us directly to discuss your restoration needs.

Double Glazing

We change loose and tired putty for up-rated resinous replacements, reinforce existing windows, retrofit new double glazing units, made using high-grade glass, supply and fit complete double-glazed wooden windows.

Sash Windows Repair

Restoring rather than replacing wooden windows is often a cost-effective and sustainable way to retain your property’s architectural personality.


Thorough surface preparation and masking is first completed. A smooth, durable paint finish is then applied, layer-by-layer, by our expert team of sprayers.

Our sash window refurbishment and double glazing retrofitting projects

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