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Sash window restoration company dedicated to restoring and improving the energy efficiency of period wooden windows.

Sash windows restoration

Reduce heat loss and external noise

We can reglaze your current frames with ultra-thin vacuum glazing.

Thermal imaging of a house to assess energy efficiency and identify potential areas for sash window restoration.

Double-glazing windows in Listed Buildings

  • Over 90% approval rate.
  • Double glazing Georgian-style sash windows. Preserving original glazing bars, frames and sashes.

!Please Note:

Our minimum service order quantity is 10 windows for restoration or painting; a bay window is counted as three.

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Window restoration services

We offer a wide range of window restoration services that can either restore your windows to their original condition or upgrade them to match modern high-performance windows.

While draught-proofing and double-glazed sash replacement have become industry-standard services, we are one of the few companies that have not stopped there.

Our professional focus lies with retrofitting service, removing single-glazing panes and fitting slim-profile double-glazed units into the existing sashes.

There is a common disbelief that original sashes are not designed to take double-glazing units as the rebates are too narrow and frames are too weak for heavier glass. It might have actually been true ten years ago, but since the development of vacuum glazing, the depth of sashes is no longer a problem.

Speaking of weak frames, the joints and frames are reinforced during reglazing. As we fit only one glazing unit per sash instead of multiple units, the sash with one double-glazed unit becomes structurally stronger after reglazing.

Sash window restoration
Sash windows draught-proofing

Sash windows draught-proofing

If you want to prevent warm air from escaping your home and create a comfortable all-year-round living space, draught-proofing your sash windows can be the right solution for you.

Draught-proofing brushes seal the gaps between moving sashes and the window frame, reduce rattling, and prevent heat loss.

  • Reduce rattle
  • Reduce heat loss and heating bills
  • Draught-proofing is included in the reglazing service.

Sash windows refurbishment

Unlike the common approach to sash window repairs with wood fillers, splice repairs, and crack filling, we refurbish windows slightly differently.

When restoring window frames, we laminate the most vulnerable parts of the sash window with rot-proof timber, such as Accoya to give refurbished windows outstanding durability.

  • The refurbishment outperforms new windows unless they’re made from Accoya.
  • The refurbishment is backed by extensive guarantees.
Double glazing retrofit of original sash windows

Double glazing retrofit of original sash windows

We specialise in double-glazing installation into existing timber windows that were originally single-glazed.

Replacing the old single glazing on your windows can have huge benefits on your home’s energy efficiency and EPC rating.

  • This reglazing service is perfectly suited for Grade 2 listed properties as it saves the original window frames and does not alter the windows’ appearance.
  • The replacement glazing has a 0.7 U-Value while being only 7.7 mm thick.
windows painting

Repainting timber windows

Over time, a window’s paintwork can peel or crack, negatively impacting its appearance, as they look rough and worn. 

Quality painting is vital for restoring windows and enhancing their protection and service life.

We use quality paint that is specially made for exterior wood painting.

The paint is applied using a commercial-grade airless paint sprayer to ensure the best coverage and a perfect finish.

  • Our repainting services have an 8-year guarantee to give you complete peace of mind.
  • Factory-like finish and protection.

Releasing stuck windows

There can be many reasons why a sash window is stuck, and it can often be because of damage to the sash cord or pulley system and snapped cords or detached weights are common causes for stuck windows. 

Our expertise with sash windows means we can assess the entire situation and use our knowledge and experience to discover why your windows are stuck.

From this, we can decide the best solution to release your stuck windows and carry out repair work to help ensure they operate as smoothly as possible in the future.

Treatment and replacement of rotten wood in frames

Rot is the biggest cause of damage to windows, and old timber frames which have been on the exterior of buildings for many years can be susceptible to damage through rot. 
With our extensive experience in joinery, we can help repair your rotten window frames and bring them back to life. 

If whole pieces of wood, such as the sill, bottom rail or sashes, have rotted, then we can replace them. However, if it is just a certain section of wood that has rotted, then we can carry out splice repair to remove the rotten areas and replace them or laminate them with new timber to give your windows a completely functioning frame.

Preserve and enhance your wooden windows

Due to the abundance of information and available options, window maintenance can be overwhelming when you own or manage a property with wooden windows.

From extreme options like a complete replacement or repainting and crack filling to options in between such as secondary glazing, sash replacement only, window film, secondary glazing, draught-proofing, splice repairs, and retrofit double glazing. 

It is not easy to compare all the options, evaluate their costs and benefits, and find the right option that provides the best value for your budget.

Like most things, the best option often lies somewhere in the middle, offering optimal value for money and ticking off necessary boxes such as high thermal performance, durability, soundproofing, and a guarantee.

Sash window refurbishment and double glazing retrofit services offer the best possible thermal efficiency from vacuum-insulated double glazing and enhanced durability from laminating the most vulnerable parts with Accoya and Tricoya wood.

All are backed by an extensive guarantee for your peace of mind.

sash windows restoration

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Excellent service

“Excellent service from Scott James Sash windows. The team worked very hard, had great attention to detail, and overall did a fantastic job. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a reliable window refurbishment company.”



Victorian sash windows

“Overall fantastic experience with the Scott James team. We needed repair and restoration work on several of our Victorian sash windows, and the team blew our expectations away with the job that they did. Well worth the money, and we’ll certainly use them again if the need arises.”

Joseph William


260-year-old listed cottage

“The Team at Scott James have just completed renovating our horizontal sash windows on our 260-year-old listed cottage; the windows were original and had significant rot inside and out; from the initial survey, we could clearly see they understood our issues, and when they started work they made sure the windows were carefully renovated, so they are secure, rot free, fully working and weatherproof. Overall far better value than replacing the windows and very happy with the result and the service from start to finish.”

Steve Taylor


Absolutely fantastic experience

“I’ve had an absolutely fantastic experience with Scott James Windows on three separate occasions now. Each time the results and services have exceeded my (admittedly high!) expectations. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thank you again for all the great work.”

B. Carney


Very professional and pleasant team to deal with

“Scott James did an excellent job renovating my windows. A very professional and pleasant team to deal with throughout the process. Thoroughly recommended.”