Listed building secondary glazing

Secondary glazing for listed buildings is an outdated solution.

Reglazing original sashes with vacuum double glazing provides superior thermal insulation and noise reduction without the need for unsightly secondary glazing.

Listed building secondary glazing

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    Why is Secondary Glazing an Outdated Solution for Listed Buildings?

    Many homeowners ask us to remove their secondary glazing and reglaze the original sashes with vacuum glazing, and there is a good reason for this.

    Listed building secondary glazing
    1. Aesthetics – Some people feel secondary glazing looks unattractive from the outside or inside. Extra glazing bars and panes of glass can alter the look of your home.
    1. Reduced natural light – Secondary glazing creates another layer between you and the outside, which can marginally reduce the amount of natural light coming into a room.
    1. Extra cleaning – You now have an extra layer of glass that needs cleaning and maintenance.
    1. Cramped Window Operation and Reduced Space: Secondary glazing can make operating the original windows difficult and awkward. The extra framework also takes up valuable space.
    Listed building secondary glazing

    The benefits of reglazing your original windows with VIG glazing.

    Benefits of reglazing your original wooden windows with thin-profile vacuum-insulated glazing units.

    • Installing double glazing into existing wooden window frames allows the original aesthetics and charm to remain while modernizing the windows’ energy efficiency and performance.
    • Thin vacuum-sealed glass units provide excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction. It is as efficient as standard triple glazing. 
    • Over 90% of our applications are approved.
    • Custom vacuum-insulated glass units can be manufactured in unique shapes and sizes to match the varied designs of historic wooden window frames.
    • Vacuum-insulated glass (VIG) double-glazing units have an exceptionally long lifespan compared to regular double-glazing.
    • Unlike secondary glazing, windows reglazed with double glazing will function just like new double-glazed windows.


    An extensive guarantee covers all elements of our reglazing service, providing peace of mind.

    8 Years of paintwork guarantee

    Guarantee on paintwork

    Guarantee on VIG glazing

    Guarantee on repairs made with Accoya

    Visual proofs of thermal efficiency

    Detailed thermal photographs displaying the reduction in heat loss.

    VIG glazing is more efficient than standard triple glazing.

    Cost considerations

    The reglazing of typical sash windows with toughened vacuum insulated glass (VIG) double glazing, draught-proofing, and restoration of the frame and sashes costs approximately £1500-1700 per window on average.

    This is comparable to or even less expensive than high-end listed building secondary glazing.

    However, VIG double glazing provides all the benefits of modern thermal performance and noise reduction while retaining the original appearance.

    Sash window repair reglazing prices

    Reglazing Process for Listed Buildings

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      We fully survey your windows and provide recommendations for reglazing and restoration.
    • We help you with building consent applications. Over 90% of our applications are approved.
    • When you receive an approval, we placing the order for custom vacuum double-glazed units production.
    • Our highly skilled craftspeople restore and reglase your existing sash windows.

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