Listed buildings windows – restoration & reglazing

  • Restoration
  • Reglazing – Improve EPC for Listed Buildings
  • Draught-proofing – Redice cold draughts
  • Functional repairs

Listed buildings windows

Reglazing windows in listed properties

Inefficient glazing contributes to almost 10-20% of heat loss in a period property. Reglazing and draught-proofing existing sashes is the perfect solution. It improves energy efficiency and leaves the original windows intact.

Single glazed windows vs double glazing.

Reduce outside noise and increase windows security

Double-glazed, vacuum-insulated units that we fit into existing sashes are much harder to break than single-pane windows and reduce outside noise more efficiently.

Make your home quieter safer

Timber frame restoration

Restoration can be a cost-effective way to bring timber windows back to their original condition and has a number of benefits over the full replacement.

It helps to preserve the historical value of the property and does not require planning permission from the conservation officer.

Listed building windows

Stop draughts

Draught-proofing & Reglazing service is an ideal solution for homeowners listed buildings who want to improve their home’s energy efficiency but can not replace the windows completely due to regulations.

Draught-proofing benefits


Can I reglaze sashes in Grade 2 listed building?

Approval from the local conservation officer is required for reglazing your existing sashes; however, we see a high approval rate in the past years for this type of work as it is more sympathetic to the original windows.

Can I replace windows in a listed building?

The short answer is that it depends on the level of protection that has been placed on the property. If the building is a grade I or II* listed, then any alterations to the windows would need to be approved by the local planning authority.

Can you have UPVC windows in a listed building?

While UPVC is a popular material for both new build and replacement windows, it is not typically allowed in listed properties. UPVC windows are not maintaining the historic appearance of the period property. In some cases, however, it may be possible to get permission to install UPVC windows if they are designed to blend in with the existing architecture.


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