Arched windows double glazing retrofit: Double glazing original arched windows

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Arched windows double glazing retrofit: Double glazing original arched windows

Arched windows, with their elegant curves and unique architectural charm, have long been a symbol of grace and style in buildings ranging from historic to contemporary.

However, despite their beauty, single-glazed arched windows have often fallen short in terms of energy efficiency, sound insulation, and comfort.

Upgrading existing special-shaped wooden windows
Arched windows double glazing

The advent of Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG) technology has brought a groundbreaking solution to this dilemma, allowing property owners to retrofit these classic windows with double-glazing units without compromising their distinctive shapes and aesthetic appeal.

Thermal imaging of a house to assess energy efficiency and identify potential areas for sash window restoration.

Double glazing original arched windows

The traditional charm of arched, oval, and half-arched windows is undeniable, yet the single-pane glass typically used in these designs is notoriously inefficient at insulating homes and buildings from external temperatures and noise.

However, the introduction of VIG technology has paved the way for a seamless blend of historical architecture and modern energy efficiency standards.

The photo below displays the single-glazed, arched window at a property in Frinton-on-Sea, which our team at Scott James upgraded to VIG double-glazing. This custom-shaped double glazing was tailor-made and installed within the original wooden frames.

The Technology Behind Vacuum Insulated Glazing (VIG)

Vacuum Insulated Glazing is a cutting-edge technology that significantly enhances the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of glass.

Unlike conventional slimline double-glazing, which uses air or inert gas between two panes of glass, VIG units are insulated by vacuum.

This vacuum dramatically reduces conductive and convective heat transfer. As a result, it provides superior insulation performance that is comparable to, or even better than, traditional double-glazing. Additionally, it achieves this in a much slimmer profile.

Arched Windows Double Glazing

This slim profile is especially beneficial for retrofitting arched windows. The unique shapes and sizes of these windows often make it difficult to use standard double-glazing units without modifying the window frame or changing the aesthetics.

VIG units can be custom-crafted to fit the exact dimensions of existing arched windows, ensuring that the integrity and character of the original design are preserved.

Benefits of Retrofitting with VIG

Retrofitting arched windows with VIG double glazing offers several compelling advantages:

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: VIG double glazing is up to 12 times for efficient compared to single glazing.
  • Improved Comfort: The superior insulation also means that drafts, cold spots, and overheating from sunlight are greatly reduced, enhancing comfort inside the building.
  • Noise Reduction:The vacuum layer effectively blocks external noise, making VIG an excellent option for buildings in noisy environments.
  • Preservation of Aesthetics: Customizable to any shape, VIG units allow for the preservation of unique window designs, including arched, oval, and half-arched styles, maintaining the building’s original architectural beauty.

Embracing the Future Without Forgetting the Past

The ability to retrofit arched windows with double glazing using VIG technology represents a significant advancement in building renovation and preservation.

Property owners no longer have to choose between maintaining the historical integrity of their buildings and improving energy efficiency.

With VIG, they can achieve both, ensuring that their beloved arched windows can continue to add character and charm to buildings while meeting the demands of modern living standards.

This innovative approach to window retrofitting is a testament to the evolving landscape of architectural preservation, where tradition and technology harmoniously coexist.

top-arch sash window

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