The guide to choosing shutters for sash windows

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The guide to choosing shutters for sash windows

Looking to make your sash windows even better and even more functional?

Shutters for sash windows are the answer.

Shutters allow you to easily control the light coming into the room, add some privacy to your home and look fabulous while doing so.

If you have been walking around the neighbourhood and got shutter envy, it’s time to look into buying some shutters for your sash windows.

Why do sash windows deserve shutters?

The classic look of a sash window is a popular feature in period homes. The two vertically sliding sashes are easy to open and let tonnes of light into the house as well as fresh air on warmer days.

Variations of sash window shutters

There are numerous options to choose from when in the market for sash window shutters. They can cover up tired-looking sashes until you want to replace them, while they can also complement recently restored ones.

Variations of sash window shutters

We would advise getting your sash windows in pristine condition before adding shutters, as any work you have carried out on the sash window may damage your shutters.

Full Height Sash Window Shutters

Are you looking for a set of shutters that cover the full height of the window? This variation of shutter provides light control as you can make the room totally dark and shut it for some privacy if you live on a street.

Tier-on-Tier Sash Window Shutters

These shutters cover the whole window but have independent top and bottom panels. Again, this allows you to have full control of the light coming in and the privacy of your home.

Café Style Shutters

Popular when matched with large sash windows, café shutters only cover the lower section of the window, meaning you can enjoy privacy but still flood the room with natural light.

Solid Panel Sash Window Shutters

Double-glazed sash windows do a pretty good job at home insulation, but these solid shutters add to it. You can completely close them for total darkness and privacy.

What is the best material for sash window shutters?

Everyone has a preference when it comes to sash window shutter materials, whether that decision is led by budget or the desired finish. Remember, sash window shutters are going to be a prominent feature, so pick carefully!

  • The classic and natural choice is wooden shutters. A little pricey but durable and long-lasting, they give any room a warm and natural look. Most sash window shutter companies can paint the wood to your taste.
  • MDF shutters for sash windows are a little more budget-friendly. You are guaranteed a smooth finish to your shutters, and you can still pick a colour that works for you.
  • Bathroom sash window shutters need careful consideration. Vinyl or PVC is probably your best bet, as they are resistant to the steam and splashes that occur in this sort of room.

Sash window louvres

Sash window shutter louvre options simply refer to if you want slatted or angled openings on your sash window shutters. Louvres are available in a range of sizes, including narrow and wide slats – which means you can take control of the light coming in and your privacy.

Sash window shutter installation

In our experience, expensive shutters should be installed by a professional. More than likely custom-made, you want to avoid any mishaps when installing them and damaging the shutters or the sash window. You’ll also then have the confidence your new shutters will fit perfectly and open and close exactly as you want them to.

Measure up

Prior to choosing sash window shutters, a detailed set of measurements is required. These have to be perfect in order for a snug fit. You won’t want any gaps, and you want to avoid going too big and the shutters not fitting at all! Seek professional assistance, as shutters don’t come cheap so measuring up correctly is essential.

Keeping your shutters clean

Sash window shutters look great inside and out, especially if you keep them clean. Regular maintenance and dusting will ensure they look sharp for years to come.

When cleaning, it might be a good time to inspect your wooden sash windows for wear and tear too, and if you spot any issues, you can call an expert to carry out any repairs.