LandVac vs Fineo Glass – Comprehensive Comparison

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LandVac vs Fineo Glass – Comprehensive Comparison

Here is a comprehensive comparison of LandVac vs FINEO glass for homeowners considering reglazing their existing single-glazed wooden windows.

Having extensive experience working with various vacuum double-glazing (VIG) brands, including LandVac and FINEO glass, we have a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we aim to compare these two leading brands specifically for their use in reglazing period wooden sash windows.

In summary, both glazing options have their own unique advantages and potential disadvantages, and the choice between the two largely depends on the specific requirements of your project.


Thermal efficiency – LandVac πŸ†
Safety – LandVac πŸ†
Sound insulation – LandVac πŸ†

FINEO glass

Thinkness – FINEO πŸ†
Min & Max unit sizes – FINEO πŸ†
Visual aspects FINEO πŸ†

LandVac, with its standard tempered glass and exceptional thermal efficiency, offers robustness, safety, and energy-saving benefits. It’s slightly thicker, which contributes to its strength and sound insulation, but that could potentially raise conservation concerns for some projects.

FINEO glass, on the other hand, enjoys widespread popularity due to its aesthetic appeal, especially in restoration and preservation markets. Its relatively thinner profile may be preferred in some conservation contexts, although it doesn’t offer a similar level of sound and thermal insulation as LandVac. 

It’s also crucial to acknowledge that both LandVac and FINEO Glass are dynamic companies that are continually innovating and developing their products. As such, this comparison will inevitably require updating as these brands evolve and refine their offerings.

FINEO glass and Landvac glazing thinkness

When considering both types of glazing from a retrofitting perspective, the thickness of the glass can indeed become a significant factor.

LandVac’s thickness is 8.3 mm, while FINEO glass comes in two thickness variants, 6.7 mm and 7.7 mm.

In the context of retrofitting sash windows that were originally single-glazed, the slightly thicker LandVac doesn’t pose a problem.

However, it’s worth noting that some conservation officers might argue in favour of thinner glazing because it better preserves the original wood structure.

 LandvacFINEO glass
Thickness8.3 mm7.7 mm
Unit Make Up4 – 0.3 – 44 – 0.7 – 3
Cavity thickness0.3 mm0.7 mm

Unit thickness

LandVac vs FINEO glass thickness

Even though LandVac uses a thicker inner pane of glass, this actually contributes to the strength and durability of the window.

Meanwhile, the thinner cavity doesn’t detrimentally affect the insulating properties of the window.

Minimum and Maximum unit

In the window restoration industry, minimum unit sizes are more significant than maximum ones. This is where FINEO gains its advantage, as it is capable of producing smaller units.

Since we install one unit per sash, both the minimum and maximum sizes from each brand perform the task perfectly.

BrandMinimum unit size (mm)Maximum unit size (mm)
Fineo200 x 2001500 x 2500
LandVac300 x 30012500 x 2500
LandVac and FINEO Min & Max units sizes

Special shapes

Both FINEO and LandVac demonstrate their versatility by offering their vacuum double-glazing units in unique and special shapes, including arches, ovals, and triangles.

 LandvacFINEO glass
Special shapesYesYes

Thermal insulation properties or which glazing will save you more energy

The thermal efficiency of glazing is quantified using the U-Value – a measure of heat transfer through a structure. In this respect, LandVac clearly stands out as the superior option.

 LandvacFINEO glassSingle glazingTriple glazingSlimline double glazing – KryptonLow-e double glazing Argon
U-Value W/m2.k0.480.75.80.691.91.2

LandVac vs FINEO glass: Thermal efficiency

This comparison factor is likely the most crucial, as energy efficiency is what homeowners primarily seek.

thermal efficiency FINEO glass VS LandVac

In terms of efficiency compared to single glazing, LandVac is around 12 times more efficient, whereas FINEO glass is approximately 8 times more efficient.

Let’s put this U-Value into a practical perspective with an example that uses everyday metrics for easy understanding.

FINEO glass U-Value vs Landvac glass U-Value

This shows that both types of glazing offer truly remarkable efficiency thank to vacuum and Low-e coating, but when it comes to optimal thermal insulation properties, LandVac clearly leads the pack.

Therefore, if thermal efficiency is a top priority, LandVac would be the best choice. It not only provides superior insulation but also offers long-term savings on energy costs due to its exceptional ability to retain heat.

Glazing Safety

One of the main advantages of LandVac over FINEO glass lies in its standard inclusion of tempered glass, despite the fact that both products come at the same price point.

This represents a significant value proposition for customers.

Safety of FINEO glass and LandVac

Here are just some of the advantages of tempered glass over standard glass:

  • Safety: Shatters into small, dull pieces, reducing injury risk.
  • Strength: Up to 4 times stronger than standard glass.
  • Thermal Resistance: Withstands higher temperatures.
  • Scratch Resistance: More resistant to scratches.
  • Weight and Wind Resistance: Stands up to more weight and wind.
  • Ease of Cleaning: More durable, hence easier to maintain.
  • Flexibility: Can bend slightly under pressure, reducing breakage.
 LandvacFINEO glass
Safety glass optionsTempered comes as standardSafety Film & Tempered glass are available

Which glazing offers better sound insulation – Acoustic properties of FINEO and LandVac

Thanks to its thicker glazing, LandVac offers superior sound insulation properties compared to FINEO glass.

The thickness of the glass plays a pivotal role in its ability to insulate against noise.

A thicker pane of glass is better equipped to absorb sound waves, thus reducing the amount of sound that can pass through it.

 LandvacFINEO glassSingle glazingTriple glazing
Sound Reduction Index (Rw)39 dB35 dB30 dB42 dB

LandVac vs FINEO glass: Sound insulation

Plugs and Micro Pillars, light transmission – visual aspects


Microspacers, small pillars or supports distributed across the vacuum space in double glazing, are essential to maintain the distance between the two panes of glass.

These minute components play a pivotal role in the structure and performance of vacuum-insulated glass units, preventing the glass panes from collapsing into each other due to atmospheric pressure while ensuring optimal insulation.

LandVac vs FINEO glass Microspacers

Interestingly, LandVac’s design philosophy opts for fewer micro spacers than its competitor, FINEO Glass.

 LandvacFINEO glass
MicrospacersAt 70mm centres – 267 dots per square metreAt 20mm centres – 2,774 dots per square metre

While at first glance, it may seem that having more micro spacers would equate to increased stability and insulation, it’s worth noting that a higher concentration of these components could potentially interfere with the visual clarity of the glass.

With its strategic placement of fewer micro spacers, LandVac manages to maintain the structural integrity and insulating properties of its glass while also providing an aesthetically pleasing and less obstructed view.

Plugs & Getters

FINEO glass has become incredibly popular within the restoration and preservation markets in the UK and the European Union, largely due to its aesthetic appeal.

The lack of visible vacuum ports or plugs in its design allows it to seamlessly blend into heritage projects, where maintaining a certain visual consistency is paramount.

However, LandVac has made substantial advancements in recent years to compete in these particular market segments. They’ve innovatively modified their product design, relocating the Plugs & Getters closer to the edges.

!Please Note:

We can install LandVac into existing sashes in such a way that the plug becomes virtually invisible, ensuring the glass retains its attractive and uncluttered look.

Plugs & Getters of LandVac and FINEO glass
Invisible retrofitting of LandVac into existing sashes
 LandvacFINEO glass
Vacuum port / PlugsYesNo
GettersYes, the circle in the cornerYes, along the unit edge

Visible Light Transmittance

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) in window glazing refers to the percentage of visible light (the light spectrum that human eyes can detect) that is transmitted through the glass.

A higher VLT percentage means more natural light is let through, while a lower percentage means less light gets through, making the glass appear darker. 

 LandvacFINEO glass
Visible Light Transmittance78%79%
Visible Light Transmittance

Guarantee and lifespan

Although the warranty periods and estimated lifespans for both the LandVac and FINOE glazing are the same, the LandVac, crafted from tempered glass, is more likely to outlast its counterpart.

This superior longevity is primarily due to its ability to withstand occasional, unexpected physical impacts that might occur throughout its lifetime.

Tempered glass, by design, is more resistant to breakage and damage compared to other types of glass. This enhanced durability can translate into an extended lifespan for the product, especially in environments where there may be a higher risk of physical impacts.

 LandvacFINEO glass
Estimated Lifespan25+25+

Manufacturers & Lead time

Delivering LandVac to the UK may take a bit longer in comparison to FINEO Glass. However, the superior durability of tempered glass significantly minimizes the risk of breakage.

This particular attribute implies that even though we might have to wait a few additional weeks for the initial delivery, it eliminates the potential waiting time of another 6 to 10 weeks for replacements of glass that may have been damaged during the initial shipment.

Therefore, despite the slightly extended initial delivery period, opting for LandVac, with its tempered glass, can be a wise decision.

It saves us from the uncertainty and potential delay that can arise from broken glass during transit, keeping the overall project timeline and quality in check.

 LandvacFINEO glass
Manufacture LocationChinaBelgium
Lead-time12 weeks6-10 week

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