Wooden windows double glazing in Frinton-on-Sea

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Wooden windows double glazing in Frinton-on-Sea

Wooden windows double glazing in Frinton-on-Sea to The beautiful Edwardian-style period property facing the seafront underwent a successful double-glazing retrofitting.

The historic home built in the early 1900s featured intricate architectural details. Large wooden casement windows and French doors typical of the Edwardian style.

The original single-pane windows were swapped out for modern double-glazed units by Scott James Sash Window Specialists.

Retrofitting the speciality-shaped glazing units

This property had a couple of bay windows made with half-oval-shaped parts. This did not pose any issues for the project.

All major vacuum double-glazing brands now produce their insulation glass in special shapes. For this project, the half-oval windows were able to be retrofitted with vacuum double glazing

arched bay window
Retrofitting the arched-shaped glazing units

This allowed the original aesthetic and curved design to be maintained while still gaining the benefits of the new double-glazed units.

Being able to source vacuum double glazing in speciality shapes enabled the preservation of the property’s original architectural features and window designs.

The installers were able to seamlessly retrofit the oval windows with the new vacuum-glazed units, providing an energy-efficient upgrade while retaining the period-appropriate appeal.

Choice of glazing for ultimate energy efficiency performance

For this retrofitting project, vacuum double glazing was selected as the optimal glazing solution.

Vacuum double glazing provides thermal efficiency on par with or exceeding triple glazing while being slim enough to fit into existing window frames. 

double glazing in Frinton-on-Sea
double glazing in Frinton-on-Sea

Our team can install the full range of VIG glazing available on the market, including leading brands such as LandVac and FINEO glass

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The project team had experience retrofitting heritage buildings to balance conservation needs with energy-saving goals.

The end result improved the property’s energy efficiency and comfort while retaining its historic charm and seaside views.

Scott James Sash Windows Specialists successfully completed the retrofitting project on time and on budget.

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