Double glazing Listed Grade 2 building

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Double glazing Listed Grade 2 building

One of our recent double glazing listed Grade 2 building projects in Essex.

The original windows’ single glazing was retrofitted with vacuum-insulated double glazing. The wooden frames were carefully renovated and decorated after the double glazing.

Draught-proofing and sash windows restoration are integral to our reglazing service, so all window frame issues were fixed alongside the reglazing process.

Double glazing Listed Grade 2 building

The most suitable way to double glazing Listed buildings

Double glazing retrofit is one of the most suitable methods for double glazing a Listed Grade 2 building, as it does not alter the frames or look of heritage properties.

Here is the comparison of single-glazing to double-glazing installed in this property.

FINEO glass specs

Here is the comparison of FINEO glass, which is the thinnest double glazing without the vacuum evacuation port, to other standard window glazing options:

FINEO glass comparison table

It might be surprising to see how the thin-profile double glazing outperformed standard triple glazing. It is all down to the new developments in VIG glazing.

You can read more about different types of slimline double glazing for listed buildings here.

The property features a French door which was also reglazed.

Double glazing Listed Grade 2 building

Pre-application process and planning permission

To support our client’s application process, we sent examples of our successful past application documents from other clients.

After the application approval, we ordered the glass and scheduled the installation. The installation and refurbishment were completed within a few weeks after delivery.

Based on our experience, obtaining permission for reglazing is more straightforward than complete window replacement. This makes perfect sense, as opting for the former would result in sacrificing the unique characteristics of the listed building.

The vacuum glazing also offers high thermal insulation performance, meaning that you can significantly improve the efficiency of your property.

Conservation officers also favour this as they act in the best interest of preserving architectural heritage and are inclined to choose options that offer more significant gains with the least alterations.

Contact us if you want to double-glaze your listed property

If you wish to improve the EPC rating of your listed building, reduce energy bills and improve living conditions.

Our reglazing service might help you achieve just that.

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