Sash windows renovation Stock

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Sash windows renovation Stock

This timber window restoration job in Stock, Essex, saw us carry out complete renovation and redecoration work on 3 large bay sash windows.

Situated on a characterful house over three storeys, the existing sash bays we were brought in to deal with were a simple yet striking one-over-one glazing design.

However, with the passing of time and the degrading of the bay windows, they were a long way from their intended original aesthetics.

Sash windows issues

With a range of issues, including peeling paint, which was widespread across all the timber, as well as rotting wood– fairly serious remedial work would be required to get these windows pristine once again.

With a scaffold constructed for access, the team was ready to begin work.

sash window stock
Peeling paint and rotten wood on sash windows

Initial sash windows preparation

Due to the poor condition of the paintwork and the presence of rot on these bay sash windows, the majority of wooden frame surfaces were sanded back to bare.

This removes the peeling paint and provides a key for applying new paintwork.

To deal with the presence of rot, larger sections of central frame wood runs on one of the bay windows also needed to be completely removed.

Extent of damage on sash windows on display following initial preparation

Repairs timber windows

Following the above steps, the frames are ready for repair with pieces of Accoya wood spliced in to replace the larger missing sections providing structural integrity once again.

It has a density designed to replicate that of the more mature wood generally used in historic timber windows as well as impressive resistance to shrinkage and warping over time.

With the installation of these larger pieces of Accoya complete, all frame surfaces are then laminated with Accoya as part of our unique sash windows renovation system.

This creates new and sound substrates across all window frames, which, after decoration, blend into the original frame leaving an unnoticeable footprint.

This process also removes all possible dents and other nicks across the old sash window frame surfaces.

sash window stock
sash bay window renovation stock

Sash window painting stage

With all the above sanding, filling, wood repair work and lamination finished, we’re ready to begin sash window decoration.

This is the final stage of our restoration service and where the transformation is completed. After thoroughly protecting all sash bay areas to ensure there is no spillover of paint before beginning spraying of the timber windows.

Paint spraying

Here we use only premium paints chosen specifically for their crisp and durable finish.

Paired with the sprayer, we are able to apply the paint evenly and with the complete absence of brush marks on projects which lets window units shine in their own right.

sash window repair stock

Sash window renovation with guarantees

With protection removed, these windows in Stock, Essex, are complete.

These previously tired and peeling sash window bays are now looking as pristine as when first installed.

The customers are left with their beautifully restored window units and guarantees on both paint and repair work (8 and 20 years, respectively) for added peace of mind.

sash window renovation essex
Sash window specialist essex
View from a distance of the completed sash window bays on the Essex property

For timber windows with single glazing, we also offer double-glazing retrofitting services.

Unlike inefficient gas-filled double glazing, we install new ultra-thin Fineo vacuum double glazing into existing frames of windows (sash and casement windows).

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