Sash windows repair Kelvedon

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Sash windows repair Kelvedon

Our sash windows repair project in Kelvedon.

There were a variety of window types on display at the characterful property, including a number of different types of sash (4 over 8, 3 over 6 and 8 over 8 sash windows) as well as a range of casement type windows. 

wooden sash window Kelvedon
timber sash window Kelvedon
 sash window repair Kelvedon
casement and sash window repair timber sash window Kelvedon

Variety of wooden window types are on display at the property

Sash windows restoration process

The majority of sash windows at the property were in need of extensive repairs due to the degrading of the timber frames over time with rot and other issues.

This is common with historic wooden windows, yet if left unaddressed can lead to increasingly serious problems needing more and more significant interventions.

As such, we begin our sash windows repair process by sanding down and removing rotten sections of the sash windows frames. In this case, the wooden architraves were also removed due to their poor condition and replaced with new ones.

sash windows repair Kelvedon

Sanding back to bare of many frame surfaces and filling work

replaced with new architraves

Removal of particularly damaged and rotten sections of wood which will be replaced with new architraves (same shape and size as previous architraves)

We then use our unique sash windows repair process, ensuring a new and sound substrate is created where all removed sections are. This involves both the specific replacing of removed sections with like-for-like pieces of Accoya, but also the lamination of whole frame areas with the wood.

Following window frame redecoration, these will blend seamlessly into the original window units providing durability and resistance to warping over time: just some of the reasons Accoya wood is so suitable for this type of restoration work.

window restoration
sash window repair essex

Frames following restoration with Accoya/Tricoya wood

Sash windows professional painting

With window restoration complete, our sash windows painting in Kelvedon is ready to start. We protect all sash window areas with masking materials and tape to ensure the containment of paints during redecoration and then begin application via paint sprayer with our premium paints. Paint spraying is more efficient them painting sash windows with a brush and provides a better coating.

Longer maintenance cycle

This method ensures an extremely durable, longer maintenance cycle and high-quality finish, for which Scott James company is renowned in its own right.

sash windows repair essex
Sash windows repair in Kelvedon
casement window restoration essex
casement window repair Kelvedon
Sash windows repair in Kelvedon
georgian sash windows repair essex

With protective sheeting removed, the complete repair and redecoration work is now complete. Windows at the property are left looking pristine with their original character fully restored, and owners are also left with the added benefit of our 20-year guarantee on repair work and eight years on paint. 

Sash windows repair in Kelvedon

Front view of the property with fully restored and redecorated sash windows

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