Sash windows restoration Redbourn

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Sash windows restoration Redbourn

We’re always pleased to complete a sash window refurbishment project and see the end result of our work. Our most recent sash windows restoration project in Redbourn was no exception.

Project Overview

The property was a large commercial building with classic six over six Georgian sash windows. Our team did an excellent job of renovating the windows and returning them to their original condition.

This historic, three storeys property is located on the busy high street with a narrow pedestrian road in front of the property.

The scaffolding was erected to allow for window repairs to be made to the front of the building. The scaffolding has been in place for a couple of weeks and has not caused problems for pedestrians or tenants.

Windows conditions

As the photos show, the sills and bottom rails on these sash windows were badly rotten. This happened likely due to water damage. In order to avoid timber decay, it is important to inspect your sash windows for signs of compromised wood regularly.

If you notice any compromised putty and paint, it is important to have it fixed as soon as possible. This will prevent further deterioration.

The photo below shows the state of the original glazing bars prior to restoration.

As can be seen, the traditional putty has dried out and cracked, allowing water and rot to enter the joints.

glazing bars and missing putty

That’s why we don’t use traditional putty anymore. In our projects, we use a modern alternative that is much more durable thanks to it flexibility properties.

By using flexible resin instead of traditional putty, we can help to prolong the maintenance cycle of wooden windows where the glass panes are affixed with putty.

The end result was a beautiful set of sash windows that enhanced the property’s curb appeal and improved its overall value.

Our team was proud to have completed such a challenging yet rewarding project.

sash windows Redbourn
Sash windows restoration Redbourn

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