Timber windows restoration project in Essex

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Timber windows restoration project in Essex

In recent timber windows restoration project in Essex, our team renovated classic, six-over-six, Georgian-style sash windows and french timber doors. In this article, we will walk you through the restoration process and show you photos taken during the quote meeting and after the restoration was completed.

Timber windows had lots of rotten parts. Sash window architraves were badly rotten as all window sills.

timber windows restoration
windows restoration project

The wood under the bay window leaded roof has rotten over the years

restoration of sash windows

Old rotten architraves were removed. We made new ones matching the original shape and size in a workshop with the rot-proof timber.

The new window parts are all made using Accoya or Tricoya wood. Both timbers are guaranteed to last for at least 25 years under and 50 years above the ground.

So new architraves should not get rotten, even if not painted regularly for at least 25 years, but most likely, they will last 50 years.

sash window restoration

The same sash window after refurbishment. All rotten wood was replaced with new parts. The whole window frame was sanded and repainted in white.

The team also properly sealed the gap between the masonry and window to prevent water from getting inside the frame and wall.

restoration of windows

The same renovation work was carried out with other timber windows and doors.

Here are just more photos of refurbished windows:

renovation of windows
renovation of sash windows
sash window renovation

The project was completed in less than two weeks’ time.

The client was very happy with the results and said the windows and doors looked new.

Please contact us for a free quote if you have any timber sash windows or doors that need to be repaired or double-glazed. We will be happy to help.

timber windows restoration project

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