Windows repair in Essex countryside

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Windows repair in Essex countryside

This sash window restoration job in the Essex countryside, close to Ramsden Heath, saw us carry out full restoration and redecoration work on all windows at the property. A beautiful Grade II listed house with heaps of character: we were excited to bring these windows back to their intended original condition.

sash windows renovating in Essex
sash window renovating in Essex
window before restoration
5 sided bay with 8 over 8 sashes

A number of different window styles are on display, including 6 over 6 sashes as well as an attractive 5-sided bay with 8 over 8 sashes

This project was carried out in January, and despite the commonly-held view that winter is not suitable for exterior work, we were able to complete the job in 2 ½ weeks with our paint spraying method and use of quick-drying and cold-tolerant paints with no sacrifice in quality.

As seen below, a large number of windows on this property were in poor condition with rot issues and needed significant restoration work:

Restoring sash windows

Window sills decayed

restoration of box sash windows in essex
box sash window before restoration
box sash windows restoration project in Essex
box sash windows renstoration in Essex

Windows with damaged paintwork and during initial stages of preparation

Following preparation of all window and frame surfaces with the scraping down of loose paint, graduated sanding and filling of surfaces, we begin lamination using our accoya and tricoya wood method.

This lamination method helps to ensure restoration work is completed to the highest standards possible whilst also maintaining the exact character of the sash window. It’s an approach that brings the benefits of modern building methods while always prioritising the original character and intended aesthetics of the windows.

before sash window restoration
restore sash
box sash windows renovating in essex

Windows following restoration

Following this, we begin the application of layers of paint via a sprayer. This gives an even application ensuring high quality and durable finish which is supported by our 10-year paintwork guarantee. The paint also allows a degree of flex which is ideal to minimise the risk of cracking with timber movement over time.

Our window painting services in Essex are well known in their own right, providing a crisp and impressive finish. When also combined with accoya and tricoya woods on our restoration jobs, the smoothness is unrivalled by brush finish.   

Fully repaired and redecorated windows

restored sash bay window

On display in some of the photographs are areas of overspray. This was agreed with the client prior to the work commencement. The client intends to redecorate the exterior of the property in spring. Based on this, and to streamline our work, we used shorter covering paper which is more resistant to wind gusts. Usually, there is no overspray as the whole area around the windows is entirely covered.

sash windows renovation in Essex
sash window renovation in Essex

We left this listed property with beautifully restored windows and, by completing work in the colder winter months, the owners have the added benefit of no interruption of their use of the outside space during the summer months.

With extensive experience working on a range of historic and listed properties, Scott James brings great craftsmanship and an appreciation of heritage windows to our work, making us the ideal choice for your restoration project.

We also specialise in a range of other services includingdraught-proofing and re-glazing of old sashes with our Fineo glass system. Check out our sash windows restoration prices.

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