Wooden windows renovation near Ipswich

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Wooden windows renovation near Ipswich

The owners of this attractive property near Ipswich got in contact with the team here at Scott James Sash windows specialists regarding the full restoration of all wooden window units.

Also included within the job were multiple runs of fascia along with the adjoining outbuilding and garage, which were to be restored and painted black, as well as door units from the main house leading through to the garden.

This spacious property has a large footprint and was likely built sometime during the early 20th century. It features casement windows solely, with units on the front of the house also having lead bars separating individual panes of glass which was characteristic of properties of this period.

Wooden windows renovation near Ipswich

Lead glazing bars on 12 pane casement units

During the preparation and restoration phases, many of the window sills needed special attention due to widespread rot issues. Paintwork across units was also in poor condition with sanding back to bare required for most areas.

window sill
runs of fascia
door units with glass

The poor condition of window and door units across the property on display

poor condition of fascia

Fascia in poor condition with flaking paint and exposed bare wood


Following initial preparation, surfaces are repaired with accoya/tricoya wood, ensuring problem areas of frame and sill are addressed, and the substrate is brought to a good, uniform condition ahead of paint application:

Frames sanded back to bare and wood lamination

Frames sanded back to bare and repaired with accoya/tricoya wood where required

door frame repaired with accoya

Door restoration is in progress, the wood is restored, and the frame and door are ready for painting.

Windows painting process

With the preparation stages now complete, window areas are fully protected, and the painting work begins. The team applies paint via sprayer, leaving a uniform finish. The colour scheme is a mixture of straight whites for the windows, with some sills and surrounds being highlighted in black.

sills and surrounds being highlighted in black
fascias across the building

We also leave fascias across the building in a drastically improved condition, with all flaking paint and rot issues addressed.

With new paint applied, it is hard to distinguish them from newly installed fascias:

windows renovation near Ipswich
Wooden windows renovation near Ipswich

We pull off the job, leaving a beautifully restored set of windows and doors alongside satisfied clients who also benefit from our guarantees on repair and paintwork.

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