Secondary glazing Essex – Alternative solution

Our alternative to secondary glazing service in Essex offers triple glazing performance by fitting vacuum glazing into existing sashes, eliminating the need for additional framing.

Secondary glazing Essex

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    VIG glass substitutes all types of secondary glazing

    Vacuum-insulated glass is 2x more energy efficient compared to secondary glazing.

    Seamlessly installed into existing sashes

    Better performance with less framing

    • No secondary framing
    • Replaces existing single-glazing
    • Dont restrict you from opening or closing the window
    • As efficient as standard triple glazing
    Seamlessly installed into existing sashes

    Comparing secondary glazing and VIG glass

    Vacuum-insulated glazing offers better insulation than triple glazing and secondary glazing and doesn’t require a 20 mm gap behind your window to be effective.

    Secondary glazing
    Double glazing orignal frames with VIG glass


    Add second framing from the inereor side

    Look sleek as orginal window.

    Listed builsing approval

    Does not need a permission

    90% approval rate

    Thermal insulation

    1.7 W/m²K – 2.7W/(m²K)

    0.48 – 0.7W/(m²K) same as triple glazing

    Noise reduction

    30dB – 45dB Depending on air gap between the existing primary window and the new secondary glazed unit.

    35 dB – 39 dB

    Cost (Materials and installetion)

    £500 – £2200 By installing secondary glazing, you will need to allocate a separate budget for sash window maintenance, whereas reglazing encompasses the cost of sash window refurbishment.

    £1500 per avarage window Price includes window frame restoration, draught-proofing, VIG glass cost of production and installation, painting.

    Cost of refurbishing existing window frames

    no included in secondary glazing price

    Included in the price

    Light transmission


    78% – 79%


    Additional glazing adds additional security.

    Toughened glass

    High approval rate secondary glazing

    Suitable glazing solution for Grade 2 listed properties

    Planning applications for reglazing wooden windows in listed properties currently have a high approval rate, with over 90% of applications being approved.

    Such a high approval rate results from our reglazing service being well-aligned with the guidelines and requirements for listed properties.

    Here are just some of the requirements our service meets:

    • Original wooden frames are preserved, including original Georgian bars.
    • VIG glazing has a thin profile and can be fitted into existing sashes.
    • Vacuum glazing has a long service life of over 25 years.
    • The wooden frames are restored during reglazing.


    An extensive guarantee covers all elements of our reglazing service, providing peace of mind.

    8 Years of paintwork guarantee

    Guarantee on paintwork

    Guarantee on VIG glazing

    Guarantee on repairs made with Accoya

    How much does it cost?

    Reglazing traditional sash windows with toughened vacuum insulated glass (VIG) double glazing is typically priced at around £1700 per window.

    1. The cost of VIG glass and reglazing service is £800
    2. The draught-proofing costs £300-360
    3. Restoration and painting £600

    This cost includes the VIG installation, draught-proofing, and thorough restoration of the frame and sashes, often matching or even undercutting the cost of premium secondary glazing for listed buildings.

    Unlike secondary glazing that adds another pane, this method includes essential window frame restoration, eliminating the need for separate frame repair expenses.

    Sash window repair reglazing prices

    What’s included in secondary glazing service in Essex

    Double glazing retrofitting

    Double glazing retrofitting

    Supply and installation of Vacuum Double-Glazing

    Double glazing retrofitting
    Window frame restoration

    Window frame restoration

    Restoration and rot repair for window frames and sashes

    Window frame restoration


    Installation of draught-proofing seals



    Painting of wooden window frames


    How effective is your glazing?

    Detailed thermal photographs displaying the reduction in heat loss.

    VIG glazing is more efficient than standard triple glazing.

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    Secondary glazing installation process

    1. Book a free quote —>

      We fully survey your windows and provide recommendations for reglazing and restoration.
    2. We help you with building consent applications. Over 90% of our applications are approved. This is only applicable to Grade 2 listed properties. If your property is not listed, we will skip this step.
    3. When you receive approval, we will place the order for the production of a custom vacuum double-glazed unit.
    4. Our highly skilled craftspeople restore and reglaze your existing sash windows.

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      Frequently asked questions about secondary glazing & VIG glass

      FAQ secondary glazing essex

      Which is better, secondary or double glazing?

      Double glazing your existing wooden windows is a far better option than installing secondary glazing.

      It offers the same or better energy efficiency and sound reduction without restricting how you open and close your windows. Additionally, it doesn’t take up any additional space.

      Do you need permission to reglaze windows with VIG glazing?

      Yes, indeed. The reglazing of existing wooden windows with vacuum glazing boasts a high approval rate; over 90% of applications are approved.

      This rate is on the rise as more conservation officers become aware of vacuum glazing.

      What is the minimum gap for secondary glazing?

      The recommended minimum gap for secondary glazing typically ranges from 100 to 200 millimetres (mm). This space is essential for maximizing the thermal and sound insulation properties of the secondary glazing.

      However, with our reglazing service, there’s no need to utilize any space behind your windows. We install vacuum glazing in place of single glazing, eliminating the need for additional spacing.

      Can you open your windows with secondary glazing?

      Yes, but with secondary glazing, opening your windows becomes a two-step process.

      In contrast, when VIG (Vacuum Insulated Glass) is installed, the windows open as usual, maintaining the simplicity and convenience of their operation.

      What is VIG glass?

      VIG, or Vacuum Insulated Glass, is a type of high-performance glazing that uses a vacuum layer between two panes of glass. This vacuum layer, which effectively eliminates the air space typically found in traditional double glazing, significantly reduces heat transfer through the glass.

      This makes VIG highly efficient in terms of thermal insulation, providing similar or even better insulation than conventional double or triple glazing but in a thinner profile.

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