Double glazing old sash windows with FINEO Glass

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Double glazing old sash windows with FINEO Glass

This picturesque property in Hertfordshire recently enjoyed a nice new upgrade – its old single-glazed windows were replaced with FINEO Glass, while the timber frames were renovated, repaired, and draught-proofed. Double-glazing old sash windows make them as efficient as newly installed, modern sash windows.

FINEO glass installation

upper sash removed for double glazing

For a stunning period home such as this, FINEO glass is an obvious choice; read our article about the best slimline double glazing for listed buildings.

FINEO glass gives the owners all of the benefits of double-glazing while maintaining the property’s historic aesthetic.

Double glazing old sash windows
Double glazing old sash windows

What is FINEO glass, and what are the benefits?

FINEO is a vacuum-insulated glazing option that differentiates itself from most other options with how lightweight and discreet it is.

This reduced weight makes the glass perfect for sash windows, as some other options, especially triple-glazing, are often too heavy for the sash window to remain operational. Despite FINEO double-glazing thickness size, FINEO glass has the same thermal value as triple-glazing.

Double glazing old sash windows
installed fineo glass project

One of the key differences between FINEO Glass and most other double-glazing options is that it creates a vacuum by removing air from between the glass panes.

This is different to most double-glazed windows, which fill the spaces with gas. The vacuum method provides the same benefits as glass, keeping heat inside the property, but offers superior longevity as the gas will gradually evaporate.

Another advantage is that FINEO Glass lets more light into your home than most other options, brightening up your living areas and giving plenty of sunlight to plants. Moreover, FINEO Glass allows more light to penetrate through the panes, naturally warming the property and keeping heating bills down.

As for why you should upgrade to double-glazing from single glazing in the first place, the key reasons are as follows:

  • It improves the property’s energy efficiency
  • It increases the property’s security
  • It decreases unwanted external noise
  • It increases the property’s overall value

Window frame refurbishment before reglazing

Double glazing old sash windows

Prior to double glazing old sash windows, we also renovated, repaired and draught-proofed the frames. One of the most important parts of this process was adjusting the weight of the sash’s mechanism.

Sash windows predominantly operate on a weight and pulley system, so the correct amount of weight must be implemented to ensure that the windows will open and close smoothly.

Double-glazing is heavier than single glazing, so we needed to add extra weight to ensure that the counter-balancing system was still perfectly operational.  

What is draught-proofing, and what are the benefits?

Draught-proofing is a cost-effective way of reducing energy bills. Sash windows are notorious for draughts, letting in unwanted cold air and failing to keep warm air inside – leading to increased heating bills as homeowners struggle to keep their property warm.

Simply put, draught-proofing sash windows will improve the ventilation of the property by keeping warm air inside and ensuring that cold air can’t get through.

This isn’t all that draught-proofing is good for, though. Professional draught-proofing has a number of other benefits, including:

  • Reducing outside noise
  • Providing better internal acoustics
  • Keeping unwanted particles away, such as dust and water
  • Remove any unwanted window rattle
  • Making the opening and closing of a sash window even smoother

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