Double glazing original windows in Newmarket

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Double glazing original windows in Newmarket

If you live in Newmarket and have single-glazed windows, you may be interested in repairing them or reglazing them with double-glazed units to reduce energy bills and make your home warmer.

Replacing the glass in your windows can make a big difference in terms of energy efficiency – and this is exactly what our team did in this project.

Sash windows are a common feature in Victorian-style homes, and they can add a touch of elegance to any property. However, original box sash windows can also be a source of heat loss through gaps between the sashes and frame.

In this project, we repaired and reglazed bay windows in a Victorian detached property in Newmarket.

We replaced the existing windowpanes with new, double-glazed units and weather-stripped the frames to improve energy efficiency.

Double glazed units used in this project

In this windows reglazing project, we used FINEO glass. This slimline vacuum-insulated double-glazed unit replaced the single pane glazing that was in the sashes previously.

The FINEO glass is a new type of vacuum glazing that is more energy efficient than triple-glazed units and has a lower U-value than other types of glass. It also blocks UV and reduces outside noise.

This glazing is also durable and is guaranteed by the manufacturers to have a long service life. We recommend FINEO glass to anyone who is looking for an upgrade from single glazing.

In addition, we renovated and repainted window frames, adding a new protective layer. The result is a more energy-efficient and sustainable home thanks to modern vacuum glazing.

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