Sash windows repair & reglazing Cambridge

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Sash windows repair & reglazing Cambridge

Our sash windows repair and reglazing project in Cambridge involved restoring the wooden frames and reglazing the sashes with vacuum double glazing.

The Victorian wooden sash windows on the landlord’s two-terrace building were in need of restoration, but the main focus was on the energy efficiency of the existing windows and addressing issues such as high energy bills, heat loss through the windows, and condensation.

We carefully removed the existing glass and deteriorated putty, then set about repairing and reinforcing the wooden frames. This included tasks like scraping away old paint, replacing rotten wood sections, applying wood consolidants and preservatives, and general reinforcement work.

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Once the frames were restored, we installed new vacuum double glazing to improve insulation and thermal efficiency.

This high-tech glazing uses a vacuum between the two panes to significantly reduce heat transfer. The restored wooden sashes now have improved thermal efficiency thanks to the double glazing while maintaining their classic aesthetic.

The project demonstrates how it’s possible to repair, preserve, and upgrade existing wooden windows without replacing them with new ones or installing secondary glazing.

The results of reglazing windows with VIG glass

The thermal image below demonstrates the effective insulation of the windows following reglazing, showing minimal heat escape through the windows.

If you have single-glazed windows in your private or commercial property, you don’t need to replace them entirely to enhance their thermal insulation performance. The glazing can be replaced with Vacuum Insulated Glass (VIG) units, and the frames can be restored.

Our reglazing service offers an alternative to installing new double glazing or secondary glazing, making it a suitable option for Grade II listed buildings.

Sash windows double glazing cambridge

The building owners are pleased to have windows that function well, retain historic charm, and no longer suffer from drafts thanks to our sash window restoration process pairing sturdy woodwork with vacuum double glazing.

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