Double glazing original windows in Suffolk

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Double glazing original windows in Suffolk

Our window team were recently contacted to double-glaze existing sash windows in this lovely home in Suffolk. The team installed FINEO double glazing into original Georgian sash windows, retrofitted glass in the conservatory, and repaired timber frames. 

The slimline double glazing retrofitting process coincides with timber frame repair, draught-proofing, functional restoration, painting, and weight rebalancing. Scott James’ window team covers all aspects of wooden window renovation, so the entire process of glass retrofitting is smooth and within the timeframe detailed in the quote.

example of double glazed sash window with FINEO
conservatory reglazing with FINEO

Can you have double glazing on sash windows?

One of the most common questions that we are asked is whether or not sash windows can have double glazing. Thankfully, the answer is yes. 

Many people are surprised to hear this, as most old sash windows have narrow rebates that were historically designed to hold thin single glazing, as at the time, double glazing wasn’t available. For many years, sash windows couldn’t be retrofitted with double glazing because of this.

Now, however, there are a handful of double glazing options that work perfectly with sash windows, as thanks to advancements in technology, there are some incredibly thin forms of double glazing available. This new type of double glazing can be fitted into originally narrow rebates of Georgian or Victorian sash windows. 

What is the best double glazing for sash windows?

Following on from the previous point, when it comes to picking a suitable double glazing option for sash windows, we believe that FINEO glass is the way to go.

FINEO is the latest generation in glazing technology. The glass has the same thermal value as triple glazing, but it is lightweight and ultra-thin, making it perfectly suitable for heritage sash windows. With permission, this double glazing can be installed into Grade 2 listed properties.

One other key difference with FINEO is that it removes the air between panes to make a vacuum, a change from the standard method, which consists of filling the spaces with gas. The vacuum method has the same benefits as the gas approach, but it is far more sustainable long-term, as gas will evaporate over time. Consequently, the vacuum method is a better investment. 

Along with these changes, FINEO glass also offers the standard benefits that come with upgrading to double glazing. 

One notable benefit of double glazing is that it saves property owners money on energy bills. Double glazing keeps homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by keeping hot air out. This combination ensures that a double glazed property is cosy all year round. Furthermore, this coincides with making properties more eco-friendly, as the environment benefits from the reduction in energy consumption. 

Double glazing also improves home security, a vital aspect of a house that many people overlook. Simply put, double glazing makes properties significantly harder to break into, as it is far tougher and more durable than single glazing. 

Finally, double glazing can significantly reduce condensation. Condensation isn’t only an issue because it takes away from the aesthetics of a home; it’s also an issue because of mould and rot. Mould can cause health issues, while rot can destroy a home’s aesthetic appeal.

Is FINEO double glazing suitable for Grade 2 listed properties, and how will it look?

Yes, FINEO glass is suitable for Grade 2 listed properties. For many years, Grade 2 listed properties have been unable to enjoy the benefits of double glazing due to their restrictions. This isn’t the case today, thankfully, as our FINEO glass vacuum double glazing is compatible with Grade 2 listed guidelines, although permission from a conservation officer still needs to be obtained.

FINEO glass ensures that a Grade 2 listed property retains its historic, periodic appearance, as the glass is wonderfully discrete; unlike regular double glazing, FINEO has a very narrow spacer bar. After we re-putty the windows, the spacer bar is not visible, so it won’t appear that there’s double glazing in the original windows. 

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