Sash windows repair Basildon

Sash windows repair services in Basildon include:

  • Wooden windows restoration
  • Double glazing existing wooden sashes
  • Draught-proofing and sound-proofing original sashes

Improving efficiency

Original wooden windows are mostly single-glazed. Most newer windows are double or triple-glazed for better insulation.

Replacing your old wooden windows glazing with new energy-efficient vacuum-insulated units can help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

improve energy rating of your windows Basildon


If you live on a busy high street, you might experience high noise pollution caused by traffic. Soundproofing your windows can reduce external noise to a healthy level.

There are several ways to soundproof windows, including reglazing existing sashes with acoustic glass or vacuum-insulating them.

Sash windows double glazing Basildon

Wooden frames repairs

Over time, the wooden sash windows start to show signs of wear and tear, including rot, cracks and missing glazing putty.

One of the most common problems is rot, which can occur when moisture seeps into the wood.

The good news is that rot can be repaired.


Draught-proofing services

Cold drafts coming in through old sash windows are a common problem in Georgian and Victorian homes.

The misconception is that the cold is due to only having a single pane, but the 4-6 mm gap between the moving parts of the windows also contributes to thermal inefficiency and draughts.

Draught-proofing services


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