Sash windows repair Bury St. Edmunds

Scott James specialises in sash windows repair in Bury St. Edmunds, which includes:

  • Reglazing sashes with vacuum glazing
  • Wooden window frames restoration
  • Draught-proofing & Sound-proofing
Sash windows repair Bury St. Edmunds

Our sash windows services in Bury St. Edmunds

Reglazing original sashes

  • We took precise measurements in order to purchase new vacuum-insulated units.
  • We will carry out any necessary timber repairs to strengthen the sashes.
  • The sashes are being altered to accommodate the change from single-glazed glass panes to double-glazed ones.
  • Counter-balancing heavier double-glazed units with extra lead sash weights fitted to the box frame.
  • We install double-glazed window panes into your original sashes and then reinstall them back into the box frame.


Traffic noise not only makes it hard to concentrate and get a good night’s sleep, but research has shown that it also causes heart disease and high blood pressure.

Reglazing your single-glazed windows is an excellent way to reduce traffic noise pollution.

Make your home quieter safer

Timber frames restoration

Rotting wood in the sills, box frames, pulley stiles, mouldings and sashes is quite common.

Our team frequently repair the window frame with high-quality rot-proofed timber by performing a wood splice repair and timber frame lamination.



  • All required machining is completed on the sashes, which are carefully removed from the box frame.
  • Servicing the pulley wheels and removing any paint that is restricting movement. This will keep your sashes functioning smoothly.
  • Sash windows are made up of multiple parts that occasionally need to be replaced, such as the staff and parting beads. These should come with new draft-proofing seals to improve insulation.
  • All sashes will have brush draft seals installed.


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