Sash windows repair Colchester

Scott James offers sash windows repair services in Colchester, which include:

  • Improving wooden windows’ energy rating and energy efficiency.
  • Restore windows in historically significant buildings
  • Full sash window refurbishment, draught-proofing & reglazing

Wooden windows services in Colchester

Double glazing wooden windows

One of the most effective ways to reduce energy bills and increase your windows’ energy rating is to reglaze them with more efficient glazing.

Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills or simply want to improve comfort but keep the original wooden windows intact, our sash windows reglazing service is an excellent option.

Single glazed windows vs double glazing.

Soundproofing & Safety glazing

Colchester is a historic town in Essex; it also has a high street that is prone to noise pollution from traffic.

If you live on one of these high streets, we can help you reduce the level of outside noise by reglazing your single-glazed wooden windows.

Our team of experienced glaziers will replace your existing glass with acoustic glass that has been specifically designed to reduce noise levels.

Timber frame repairs

Our team of experienced carpenters can skillfully repair any wooden windows timber issue.

Repair rot, replace window sill, or anything else that might be wrong with your wooden window frames.



While period wooden windows may be draughtier than their modern counterparts, they can be draught-proofed to improve their energy efficiency.

We offer professional sash windows draught-proofing services in Colchester. These measures can help to reduce draughts and improve the window’s energy rating.

Draught-proofing benefits


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