Sash windows repair Ipswich

Our sash windows repair service in Ipswich includes the following:

  • Timber windows restoration
  • Draught-proofing
  • Vacuum double glazing retrofitting

How can we restore and improve your timber windows?

If you want to restore and improve the look and performance of your period timber windows in Ipswich, our sash window specialist can help.

We specialize in repairing damaged timber frames, strengthening existing structures, and replacing single glazing with high-quality double-glazing that can help to keep energy costs down.

Reglazing sashes

Many older homes still have single-glazed sashes, which allow heat to escape easily and can leave your home vulnerable to drafts and rapid temperature changes.

To solve this issue, you can reglaze your existing single-glazed sashes with high-efficient double-glazed units.

Single glazed windows vs double glazing.

Improving safety, soundproofing & stop UV rays

Double-glazed units can dramatically improve the safety and soundproofing of your period timber windows. In addition, it blocks harmful UV rays.

If you want to improve your current windows’ performance, reglazing is one of the most effortless methods.

Make your home quieter safer

Wooden window frame restoration

When it comes to repairing a box sash window, one of the most common maintenance tasks is repairing rotted or damaged woodwork. In many cases, this involves removing the affected sections and replacing them with new, rot-resistant timber like Accoya wood.

By carefully removing any damaged wood and replacing it with new, solid timber, skilled craftsmen can help bring a box sash window back to its fully functional and aesthetic potential.

Sash windows draught-proofing Ipswich

A good option to prevent cold draughts is sash window draught-proofing, which is a wonderful addition to double-glazing retrofitting. It seals the gap between sliding sashes and helps to prevent chilly drafts.

Draught-proofing benefits


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