Sash windows restoration Coventry

Our sash windows restoration service in Coventry includes the following:

  • Timber frames restoration
  • Draught-proofing
  • Double glazing existing sashes with vacuum double glazing

How can we restore and improve your timber windows?

When it comes to reinvigorating your old, rotten timber windows, renovating is by far a better option compared to full replacement.

Unlike simply replacing old windows with new ones that may not be a perfect fit for your home’s unique style, window renovations can help you retain the authenticity of your original timber windows while upgrading the glazing that makes them more energy efficient.

Whether your existing windows are rattle or drafty, our craftsmen have the experience to quickly identify any problems and provide solutions that will restore your windows efficiently.

Double glazing sashes

Converting single-glazed windows into double-glazed windows is our daily work at Scott James Sash Windows. Our team is expertly trained in fitting double-glazed units into existing frames, making the process quick and easy for our customers.

We upgrade original window sashes to high-performance windows without changing their unique style.

reduce energy bills

Soundproofing and security

Double-glazed units that our team retrofit into existing sashes can significantly reduce external noise. The safely VIG glass is also available for doors and windows located below 800 mm from the floor.

Make your home quieter safer

Wooden window frame restoration

We provide a wide range of solutions for typical sash window issues, including rattles, draughts, frayed cords, and faulty security for period sash windows in Coventry.

Sash windows draught-proofing Coventry

Up to 86% less air can enter your home through the sash window when you draught-proof it. This can stop some of the heat loss during the winter but can also reduce the ventilation of your room.

The trickle vents installed into the sashes combined with a draught-proofing system give you control over the ventilation of your living space.

Draught-proofing benefits


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