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Sash Windows repair

Sash windows restoration in Braintree

Sash Windows repair

Sash windows restoration in Braintree


Sash windows repair Braintree

Restoration, draught-proof, Double Glazing

Scott James is wooden sash window specialists, providing high-end repairs and refurbishments and sash windows repair throughout Essex. If you have a property in Braintree with window renovation requirements, contact us directly. 

90% of rotten and damaged wooden windows can be restored by our team. In these instances, restoration is the optimum and most cost-effective way of rejuvenating your property.

Please note: our minimum service order quantity is 15 windows for restoration or painting, a bay window is counted as 3 windows.

For projects of 30+ windows, we offer a trial refurbishment of 1 window.

Our window restoration Guarantees

Scott James believe restoration offers superior, authentic results: rejuvenating your heritage windows to their former best and beyond.

Our guarantees cover:

Paintwork 8 years (if the paint start to flake or peel, we’ll come back to make it good)

Double-glazing for 15 (Manufacturer guarantee)

Repairs for 20 years (if any of our repairs produce faults, we’ll promptly come back to address the issues)

And with thoughtful maintenance and ongoing care, original windows can last well into the next century!


We deliver quality solutions to every restoration project and work with you and your unique property to achieve best-fit results.

Our expert services cover all renovation needs, including:

  • Decayed sills
  • Rotten or compromised timber 
  • Damaged glass
  • Stuck or out-of-balance sash windows
  • Broken or tired sash cords, springs, chains and pulleys
  • Draughts and poor fit, leading to thermal inefficiency
  • Tired aesthetics or uneven paintwork
  • Perished seals and putty
  • and more….

Restoring rather than replacing wooden windows is often a cost-effective and sustainable way to retain your property’s architectural personality. 

“…Say something nice for the website? Oh right (laughing) – stick a picture of this job up! Beautiful windows, beautiful property: brought back to life.


Timber restoration

For our work, we only use the highest-quality materials. Combined with advanced epoxy resins, sealants and fillers, we replace complete sections of degraded timber using Accoya® timber and Tricoya® panelling and veneers. Working with the Accoya®/Tricoya® material range means that traditional styling and quality can be preserved. Enhanced durability and longevity are built in.

In most cases, our team of experts can repair and restore existing windows. By identifying the root causes of rot, decay and damage, we can take remedial action, resulting in 100% strong, fit-for-purpose, beautiful wooden sash windows – transforming your windows and property.

Double Glazing

We change loose and tired putty for up-rated resinous replacements, reinforce existing windows, retrofit new double glazing units, made using high-grade glass, supply and fit complete double-glazed wooden windows.


By carefully overhauling your sash windows and renewing, upgrading or adding high-quality draught-proofing, we can make large improvements to your window operation and thermal efficiency. Draught-proofing will reduce external noise, resolve rattles and prove a highly cost-effective way to enhance your home space.


Thorough surface preparation and masking is first completed. A smooth, durable paint finish is then applied, layer-by-layer, by our expert team of sprayers.

With the best materials, dedicated staff, and meticulous attention to detail, we are perfectly primed to discuss, understand and accommodate your needs. Balancing form with function and efficiency with craftsmanship, our experts deliver the comprehensive wooden sash window service.

Our sash window refurbishment and double glazing retrofitting projects

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